One of the issues that family lawyers ask for when they see new clients with respect to divorce is the existence of a marital agreement. Those who speak a second language often receive calls from customers who do not speak English fluently. These people have generally written their marital agreement in their first language. During the divorce process, they must rely on legal translation services to have the marriage agreement translated from a foreign language to English. Even if their lawyer speaks their language, the document must be translated by a professional translator because it goes to a family court. They are invited to provide certified translation of documents into a foreign language. The California Center for Translation – Interpretation is carefully involved in the translation of legal documents. Our experienced translators, who have extensive experience in translating documents in the field of law, are ready to assist those who have to file foreign language documents with family courts. We understand that your marriage is a serious document in the divorce process. That`s why we`re tasking a translator with exceptional translation skills.

We will also correct the first draft to ensure that each line has been correctly translated. We can effectively manage the translation of long documents, so that if your marriage agreement is drawn up, you have nothing to fear. You can simply provide us with a copy of the agreement that you and your spouse will be signed before the wedding and worry about the rest. We are sure that you will be satisfied with 100% of our legal translation services, as we have had many happy clients. Including lawyers and law firms! a contract made before marriage, marital status or any other agreement before the main agreement of persons intending to marry or enter into a contract. For example, a Hispanic couple who signed a Spanish-speaking marriage agreement before tying the tie may seek the help of a Spanish-speaking lawyer. However, they cannot expect the family lawyer to translate their marital arrangement from Spanish to English. It may be helpful for him to speak Spanish when it comes to advising and filling out forms.

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