1. Enterprise agreement (extensions or revisions) and annexes: the president of the university must send a formal letter to the Chancellor of the CSU requesting the formation of a new aid organisation. First, conditional authorization is granted and, after receiving official documents (deposited and stamped with the Secretary of State`s seal), final authorization is granted to the humanitarian organization as a reputable organization. For auxiliaries who accept scholarships, contracts or other externally funded agreements and list “externally funded projects, including research, workshops, conferences and institutes” as one of their duties, you must also complete this form (Annex 4, grant and contract management supplement). . The above requirements must be consistent with this Complian Guide (PDF) and sound business practice guidelines (PDF). Verna Ale Paniani, Contracts Manager Contract Services – Procurement CSU Office of the Chancellor 401 Golden Shore Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 951-4667, or (562) 951-4590 New Form from August 15, 2016: Appendix 4, Supplement for Grant and Contract Management The following forms are required for all assistants with a good reputation:

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