Fire detection and suppression services, Simplex Grinnell Mainframe components, mainframe services, mainline information systems. . AgileAssets offers flexible licensing and system options to meet the specific operational and business needs of your agency or organization. Portfolio Analyst is enterprise software that allows you to make better decisions about the allocation of multi-asset funds through advanced analytics. Structures Inspector is a GIS-capable solution that allows you to more accurately and efficiently manage inventory and inspections for bridges and other structures. The mobile support app optimizes Field-to-Office`s work processes and saves you time and money. The following price agreement applies: . . Notice to state agencies: Public and local authorities must seek permission from the DoIT Network Services Bureau Chief for the use of this price agreement. Two Way Radio Eqpt.: Avionics, Amateur, Marine, Landmobile, Systems, WLAN – Supporting Accessories . Please contact Cesar Alvarado to discuss the product (s) and the services you would like to purchase and to receive a quote for your order.

PURCHASE ORDERS MUST NEW MEXICO GENERAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT STATEWIDE PRICE AGREEMENTS No. 90-805-18-16741 Automotive, glass windshield replacement and/or repair advises state agencies: The use of this price agreement requires prior written authorization from the share manager for any change to the sharing system. . Collection Services – Gila LLC dba Municipal Services Get the most out of your infrastructure asset management system with many data visualizations that give decision makers the information they need when they need it. Share presentation-ready information so that stakeholders can get clear answers and make decisions safely. AgileAssets products are available by annual subscription or product license. Fire/service watering systems . Aircraft Inspections/Parts/Supplies Shop Rates, Aircraft Hangar Rental Cesar Alvarado is AgileAssets` designated supplier contact for the Statewide Price Agreements of the New Mexico General Services Department.

He will work with you to determine which products and services best meet your needs and that can be reached by calling our corporate offices.

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