It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with Oregon`s requirements and nuances in order to best protect your legal and financial rights. In this way, you save yourself from future troubles or possible litigation and to have a complete and complete lease. If you have a lease with a fixed rent, the landlord cannot increase the rent for the fixed term. However, in this type of tenancy agreement, if you terminate the lease early, you will have to continue to pay the rent until the landlord rents to another tenant or pays a break fee if such a fee is described in your written tenancy agreement. If a tenant cancels an early lease, the lessor is required to rent the apartment to another person; it will be an “damage reduction” obligation. Supply and service charges – When a fee is charged to the landlord or other tenants, the tenant must be required to be included in the contract. Carbon monoxide alarms (No. 90.316) – If the property has a source of carbon monoxide due to heating, appliance or other type of carbon dioxide emitters, the owner must equip the premises with carbon monoxide alarms in accordance with the rules of the State Marshal. In addition, if the alarms are battery powered, the owner must provide new batteries at the beginning of the lease. This is a good example of the provisions that a simple lease could contain and the form that should be taken in its final form. Careful!!! The Governor`s Executive Order (20-13) passed on April 1, 2020 prohibits landlords from sending notice for non-payment of rent or submitting eviction for failure to pay rent. Do not pay until the ban is lifted, it is a Class C offence punishable by a fine of up to $1250, 30 days in prison or both. Subletting contract – the action of a tenant looking for another person to occupy the space he has in agreement with a landlord.

The law known as “sublease” must normally be approved by the owner. Smoke Policy (No. 90.220) – The landlord should be aware of all tenants of the smoking rules on the site by publishing a policy manual on smoking policies (Adobe PDF – MS Word). Landlords and tenants must be initial and sign. Oregon homeowners are advised to notify themselves of a rent increase or termination without cause. Please read the list of updated forms and changes that have been made to comply with the new law and help the lords of Oregon by clicking below. No no. The landlord and tenant cannot agree to waive the rights or deprive tenants of rights in accordance with Oregon law. ORS 90.245. Termination tenancy letter (No.

91.070) – Official release of termination of a monthly rent by the landlord/tenant who serves the other party with a period of at least thirty (30) days. The typical rental agreement below describes a contract between “Country Lord” Jessica Jones and “Tenant” Amy Rey. It agrees to rent a semi-detached house in Portland from June 20, 2017 for $1,200 per month. The tenant agrees to pay for all services and services for the premises. If you are a landlord with tenants whose livelihoods are significantly affected and you are financially able to defer your rent and waive late fees for a specified period, we offer a free landlord and tenant contract on the Oregon Rental Housing Association (Forms Store) website: Standard housing rental contract – the most common type of lease with a specific start and end date. For most homes and is usually a (1) year. The landlord must give the tenant at least 24 (24) hours before entering his property for non-emergency reasons at least 24 (24) hours before entering the property.

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