I remind you that users can only use it for 120 days of a trial period after installing the disphone session disk and that users cannot connect to an RDS host. Under Microsoft`s licensing system, all users or devices that have used RDS features must be licensed. For the registration and issuance of access licenses to the customer RDS (Remote Desktop Client Access Access Licenses), there is a separate service in the RDS roll, called the remote demeration license server. Once a license server has been activated, you can install remote customer access licenses (RDS CALs). RDS-CALs are installed via Microsoft using the Remote Diseditration Licensing Tool. RDS-CALs are stored and tracked on the license server on which they were installed. If Microsoft receives your request to install CALs, they are issued in the amount requested from the license server. When a client computer first attempts to connect to a remote or remote session hosting server, the RD session hosting server or the RD virtualization hosting server recognizes that the client has not received a license and is looking for a license server to issue a new license for the client computer. To complete the process of installing the license, you need the license server ID displayed in the remote deactivation licensing tool. In addition, you must specify one of the following: a license code consisting of retail product packaging, license and authorization numbers from an open license confirmation, or a Microsoft Select, Enterprise, Campus, School or ServiceProvider license or contract registration number. For more information, see Installing Customer Access Licenses for Remote Stop Services. 12) На этом шаге нам нужно заполнить поля, помеченные (*).

License Server ID – Terminal Server ASSISTANCE installation CAL (. 11), .

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