Governor Gavin Newsom`s Executive Order N-28-20, which authorized local governments to stop evictions of tenants affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, expired on September 30. Many local moratoriums have attached their protection to this executive order. For a copy of the governor`s executive order, click here. SB 939 expressly states that it “would not anticipate any local regulations prohibiting the same behaviour or similar behaviour or imposing a harsher penalty for the same behaviour.” It appears that this section intends to define a national floor for the protection of available tenants and to set the minimum sentence for violating these protections, while allowing municipalities to set their own standards, advocates for tenants. However, the current text of SB 939 does not distinguish between more restrictive and less restrictive local moratoriums. Thus, it is possible that this provision may effectively prevent SB 939 from preventing a local by-law that provides less protection to tenants than the federal bill itself. Is there any relief for the owners? Not very. Given that the state is facing a budget deficit of several billion euros, several proposals to directly provide financial relief to landlords of rents that have been missed in the legislative government have been frozen because of their costs. A separate attempt to require mortgage leniency for homeowners was licked after banks and homeowners` groups raised concerns about their unconstitutionality. Show the ability to pay rent ahead; Senator Weiner`s May 22 amendment would reverse the structure of the moratorium on commercial deportation. Instead of prohibiting all commercial evictions, with the exception of public health and public safety evictions, the amended bill would allow all commercial evictions, except for non-payment of rents incurred during the state of emergency, and only if the tenant meets certain criteria indicating that COVID-19 has or will have a significant financial impact on the tenant. With respect to the amended bill, the only commercial tenants eligible for the 12-month repayment period would be those who meet certain criteria indicating that COVID-19 has or will have significant financial consequences for them.

If you have already paid [month`s rent], please ignore this letter. To qualify for the urban program, residents must prove that they are financially affected or have had health problems due to coronavirus. The city pays a resident`s rent up to 1,000 $US per month, with a maximum payment of 2000 $US per household. The money would go directly to the resident`s owner.

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