5.2 The resale of services. The customer cannot resell the services to the customer`s customers and end-users unless this is provided for in Section 14 of this agreement. 15.5 Disposal/outsourcing. The Customer cannot cede the client`s rights and/or the Client`s obligation to this Agreement without the prior written consent of XPR. This agreement is binding on and in this regard, approved successors and eligible beneficiaries of the transfer of the client and THE XPR. However, XPR may use third-party or affiliated or affiliated companies to perform all or part of the services. A standard form contract is an agreement in which the terms have not been negotiated, for example.B. the agreement is offered on a take-it or leash. Conditions can be in a separate document or on the back of things such as tickets, offers, terms and conditions or invoices. 13.12 Full agreement; English language. This agreement contains the guidelines and is the whole agreement between you and us with regard to the purpose of this agreement.

This Agreement replaces all prior or simultaneous submissions, agreements or communications between you and us, in writing or orally, regarding the purpose of this Agreement. Notwithstanding other agreements between you and us, the data security and protection provisions in Section 3 of this Agreement include the full commitment of our related companies and companies to the security, confidentiality and confidentiality of your content. We are not bound by a clause, condition or other provision and, in particular, we are not opposed to a different provision of or in addition to the provisions of this Agreement (whether or not it would substantially alter this Agreement) and which will be presented by you in any order, acceptance, confirmation, correspondence or any other document. If the terms of this document do not comply with the terms of a directive, the terms contained in that document are checked, except that the terms of service are under the control of that document. If we provide a translation of the English version of this agreement, the English version of the agreement will be monitored in the event of a conflict. “programmed interface,” any code, method or process used for the interface with XPR Services, including an application programming interface (“API”), the XPR client dashboard, the online control interface (“CLI”), the voice link or the wrapper. This redefinition of the customer agreement (this “contract”) contains the conditions that govern your access and use of service offerings (as defined below) and constitutes an agreement between Rescale, Inc. (“Rescale,” “us,” “ours” or “ours”) and you or the organization you represent (“you”). This agreement takes effect when you click a button or box to be rated with these conditions or, if you use one of the service offers, if you use one of the service offers (the “validity date”). You represent to us that you can legally enter into contracts (for example. B you are not a minor).

If you sign this agreement on behalf of a company or other corporation (whether as an employee, contractor or by any other means), you declare that an authorized agent authorized to link that agreement has given you an account and has given you the power to accept the terms of this Agreement before accepting this agreement. The definitions of certain capitalized terms used in this agreement are in Section 14. If you subscribe to a service for which a user fee is charged at the end of the billing period (“Postpay Service”) or if you have a installment contract for device payments, we may at any time review your credit history in relation to the service subscription or installment payment contract.

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