4.1.3 The advertisement does not contain material that violates a contract or violates or violates a person`s copyright, trademark or other personal or personal property rights, or that makes the company liable for any claim or procedure; These agreements are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need changes or questions, please contact us before you download. By clicking on the button below, I agree with the terms and conditions of sale. 9.1 The Agency`s commission must be paid to advertisers with whom the company has entered into an agreement to refer advertising transactions, provided the advertiser can prove that clause 9.2 is being respected. The agreement consists essentially of two types: one between a direct operator and an advertiser and the other between a supplier and an advertising agency (on behalf of the customer). The advertising space is provided by an advertising space provider, representing the communication media, to an advertiser for the promotion and marketing of its products or services. A legally binding agreement, with specific conditions, is being drafted in order to make trade legal and to avoid future disputes, disputes of will or refusal reluctant for a healthy professional. 1.1 The following words and phrases have the following meanings, unless the context requires something else: “Advertising” refers to any page or part of that page containing graphics or texts submitted by the advertiser to be printed or replaced on a page or inserted separately into a magazine; “advertiser”: an advertising agency using an advertising agency, or a person, partnership or company and/or its representative who make reservations for the insertion of an advertisement; “Advertising reservation form” refers to the company`s written confirmation (by mail or fax) that your booking has been accepted.” “Advertising copy”: texts, content or advertising graphics intended to be reproduced by the company as advertising; Advertising rates,” rates set from time to time in the Media Pack; Advertising space” advertising space available on a magazine reserved by the advertiser in accordance with these conditions; “Advertising specifications,” the advertising specification contained in the Media Pack; “Agency Commission,” a commission that must be paid at 10% of the promotional rate; geoConnexion Limited, a registered company in England and Wales with registration number 4324955, headquartered at 44 Armingford Crescent, Melbourn, Royston, Herts SG8 6NG, United Kingdom; Contract” any agreement between the company and the advertiser to sell and purchase advertising space; “frequency reduction,” the discount set in the “Media Pack”; “Magazine” the company`s online magazine and/or the British magazine GeoConnexion and/or GeoConnexion International magazine; Media Pack, the information package included in the site`s media package; “Termination” refers to the advertiser`s notification either in writing to [email protected] or by termination by telephone at (0) 1223 279 151, in which the company is informed that the advertiser wishes to terminate the contract.” “Production time”: the data shown in the Media Pack for editorial material, advertising reservations and promotional graphics; “Site” means www.geoconnexion.com; Shor… “rate” the discount presented in the “Media Pack”; “Conditions,” these terms and conditions and conditions of the site`s privacy policy and terms of use; “Workday” every day without Saturdays, Sundays and English holidays.

The supplier makes its place available to the contractor for a period specified in the contract for the marketing and promotion of the contractor`s products/services. The usual examples are the provision of space for hortes, banners and also advertising for newspapers, etc.

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