CONSIDERING that this agreement does not apply or require the use of Air Force real estate or other entities that the airline needs to support current or future civil aviation operations and activities as part of the sharing exclusively to support air force facilities and activities; and IN CONSIDÉRANT, the Air Force believes that this agreement is in the public interest and agrees with the sharing of wafb facilities; and this agreement enters into force immediately and remains in effect for a period of 25 years, unless it is renegotiated or terminated in accordance with paragraph 7, but under no circumstances does the contract survive the termination or expiry of the developer`s right, the areas used by the licence in connection with the sharing of WAFB`s flight facilities. , to use the lease or transfer of ownership. CONSIDERING that the promoter wishes to use the WAFB flight facilities to enable the operation of general aviation and commercial air carrier aircraft (as planned and unanted) with military aircraft; and sharing agreements – also known as sharing agreements, sharing agreements and contracts – allow public and private landowners to expand access to their underutilized facilities for community use. A Sharing Agreement (JUA) is a formal agreement between two separate state agencies – often a school and a city or county – and sets the conditions for the sharing of public property or institutions. As there is not a single model of JUA, there is not a single method to develop an agreement. The success of the mares requires a great deal of thought, effort and cooperation to reach agreement on a number of issues. H. All phases of the design and construction of new primary runways and highways on the Dempaten site must be coordinated with the WAFB Base Civil Engineer. These, intended for joint use by Air Force aircraft, are intended to support the type of military aircraft assigned or often temporary to the WAFB. B. Notwithstanding other provisions of this agreement, the Air Force may denounce this agreement: 1. The Secretary of the Air Force has at all times communicated in writing to the sponsor a written notification of ninety (90) days, provided that the Secretary of the Air Force declares in writing that the priority military necessity requires the cessation of the division or (2) at all times in the event of a national emergency. , present or future, declared by the President or Congress of the United States , or (3) in the event that the promoter suspends the operation of civil activities within the WAFB for a period of one (1) year, or (4) in the event that the promoter violates any of the terms of this agreement and if he persists thirty (30) days after written notification of the healing of such an infringement under this agreement.

In addition to the aforementioned rights, the Air Force may suspend the agreement at any time if violations of its terms of sale by the promoter pose a serious threat to the safety, public health or environment within the WAFB. one. If the circumstances or conditions relevant to this agreement are to change significantly, the Air Force and the sponsor may, after sixty (60) days of written notification to the other party, begin negotiations to revise the provisions of this agreement, including financial and insurance provisions. Such an amendment or amendment to this Agreement requires mutual agreement and written signature from both parties. Unless such an agreement is reached, the existing agreement remains fully in force and effective, subject to termination or suspension in accordance with this section. E. Failure to comply with the above conditions in the event of an appropriate termination or termination of this contract under paragraph 7 may lead to the end of fire protection and the Air Force`s response in the event of a crash and rescue.

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