Note: Children or staff with pre-existing health conditions who have specific COVID-19 symptoms – similar symptoms are not excluded from entering the building on the basis of these specific symptoms, if previously assessed by a physician and the specific symptoms found that are not attributable to COVID-19. To ensure that there is sufficient care to meet the need for subsidized care, the county needs to increase its number of qualified educators. In 2016, the OSSE increased early childhood education requirements to require all senior teachers to have at least one associate degree. 34 33. DC Early Learning Standards. (2019). Called on March 5, 2020, fromâtiment of flushing, it is to replace all fresh water pipes in buildings. 31. Office of the State Superintendent for Educational Performance Monitoring Responses FY2020, Q17, 23. OSSE, question 16, Exercise 2019 Performance Oversight Hearing Responses, 2019.

Access to: Data file: to 20date.xlsx 18. 35 Office of the State Superintendent of Education, “DC Commission on Early Childhood Teacher Compensation Final Report, page 9,  9th District of Columbia OSSE Eligibility for Determinationed Child Care Policy Manual: 20. 19 7. Only the child`s citizenship and immigration status are taken into account. A child`s right to subsidized child care cannot be based on the parent`s nationality or immigration status or on the provision of information about the parent`s nationality or immigration status. Maintenance%20Politique%20Manual%2010.7.19.pdf 34.

Office of the State Superintendent of Education, “New Education Requirements for child Development Staff Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Early Childhood Staff, for%20EC%20Staff.pdf – No mixing between groups to enter and exit the building, eat, in the toilet, on the playground, in the hallway and in other common areas; 3.; 17. The five types of subsidized child care providers are level I- II Child Development Center-Based Provider, Child Development Home-Based Provider, Relative Care Provider and In-Home Care Provider.

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