Basic support. SFDC offers customers and their users all the basic support according to The customer recognizes that when they purchase Marketing Cloud Services from SFDC, they accept additional terms of use that are specifically applicable to these services… or another URL provided from time to time by SFDC. “SFDC service,” the online and online service that is generally made available to the public through and/or other specific sites, including associated offline components, but without third-party applications. For the purposes of this SFDC service agreement, the SFDC service does not contain the platform. support. If the reseller is contacted by a user looking for support for the service, the reseller immediately refers that user to SFDC, The reseller recognizes that immediate referral of customer support cases to SFDC is critical to SFDC`s ability to provide timely support to users. 7.1.

Resignation. The customer`s use of SFDC services may, at SFDC`s choice, be immediately discontinued and/or suspended if the following reasons are disclosed: (a) a violation of SFDC terms of service, customer or user documentation or order forms; or (b) a violation of its payment obligations to SFDC with respect to the subscriptions it makes available to the customer under these SFDC terms of service. at the end or expiry of the dealer`s agreement with SFDC, whereby the reseller makes SFDC services available to the customer; Any customer subscription for SFDC services pending on the termination or expiry date remains in effect for the duration of its subscription and remains subject to these SFDC terms of service, as if it had not been terminated (“legacy-orders”), provided that the customer is not in breach of these SFDC terms of service and that SFDC has received all payments related to these orders. Under no circumstances will the termination, expiry or suspension in this sub-procedure result in SFDC being liable to the customer for a refund or injury. With the exception of the one listed above, SFDC is not required to provide SFDC services to the client or to assume the relationship with the client. “User Manual,” the service`s online usage manual, accessible by and updated from time to time; “market” refers to an online directory, catalogue or marketplace of applications that collaborate with SFDC services, such as the AppExchange in, the HubExchange in, the Heroku-Add-On catalogue in and all the websites that will follow it. Compensation by dealers. The reseller undertakes to apply the terms of its resale agreements with the customer under this agreement and to inform DeczDc of a known violation of these conditions. The reseller defends, at its own expense, der-fighting DezA and its affiliates, directors, executives and employees (“SFDC, SFDC, SDC, SDC”, an unconfirmed party, and keeps the parties to the SFDC free and free of any “no” damage; Costs (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees and fees) or amounts, which have been the subject of a monetary account arising from such a right or its purpose, to the extent that the claim is made or collected by a customer in connection with services resold by a reseller under this agreement, or (ii) by a third party who is not a customer, and on the dealer`s negligence or intentional misconduct or a breach of the dealer.

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