If the fixed term has expired or you have never had a fixed term, you can terminate your termination without the consent of the other tenants, unless your lease says otherwise. It is important to be aware that if you finish your rent, it ends for everyone. You have a common lease if you and the other tenants all signed a single tenancy agreement with a landlord when you moved in. See the next generation: common profession for more information. As a derogatory, you all have exactly the same rights, so a tenant cannot be simply forced to leave. If you have a problem with another tenant, it is unlikely that your landlord will want to get involved and you have to solve the problem yourself. An independent third party can help you solve any difficulties, for example. B a mutual friend. If you have a lease in common with a partner or ex-partner, but your relationship has been broken, you need to discuss what is going on with the lease.

A common rent – there is a lease, but two people (or maybe more) are cited as tenants. You will continue to owe rent to your landlord if you leave your rent prematurely, if you are not allowed to be entitled. Your landlord can take legal action to ask you for the rent money. The lessor can do this until you could have terminated the lease: a tenant can sublet part of his dwelling or accept a tenant if his tenancy agreement allows and/or if his landlord grants him permission. Our advisor Jayne explains what you need to know before signing a joint lease. In the case of a joint tenancy agreement, the cap refers to the total weekly rent of the tenancy agreement. A landlord cannot ask each of the co-owner tenants for a five- or six-week rental deposit. [9] Your landlord may try to re-rent the property. If your landlord rents the property, he or she cannot rent to both you and the new tenants. You can try to find someone else to accept the lease. You could also try to negotiate with the owner and pay some of the unpaid money or offer to put your deposit on the cost of advertising for the property.

All of these lease transfer options really require at least first legal advice and support from lawyers who have a family law practice. Unfortunately, since 2013, legal aid has been very limited, especially where cases of domestic drying have been identified.

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