It contains a USB stick that contains the full text of the model and its annexes, so you can easily adapt the contract to your specific case. If the parties do not need to create their own special contract, they can use the entire model that has been designed to ensure balance between the two parties. The model allows for a robust decision-making process, a clear allocation of participation and the provision of resources, the need for a prompt and efficient resolution of disputes, and the need for a full and informed allocation of risks. The ICC Model Contract “Selective Distribution” is intended for the marketing of products through a network of qualified retailers. Selective distribution agreements allow the exporter to better control the way in which its products are marketed by establishing a direct link between the exporter and the retailers who sell its products to the final consumer. This model contract, a successful series of the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice, co-chaired by Fabio Bortolotti (Italy) and Ercüment Erdem (Turkey), benefited from the active participation of the following members of the Major Project group, co-chaired by Eric Eggink (Netherlands) and Isabelle Smith Monnerville (France): Ben Beaumont (UK), Erick Castellanos (Colombia), Bettina Geisseler (Germany), Francine Gurral (France), Giovanni Leo (Italy), Linna Li (China), Jens Machoy (Germany), Galyah Natan-Epstein (Israel), Rana Obeid (UAE), Arnoud Penseel (Netherlands), Claudio Perrella (Italy), Helena Prata (Angola). The secretariat was headed by Emily O`Connor, Senior Policy Executive, ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice, and by the administrative support of Florence Binta Diao. ICC contracts and model clauses aim to create a solid legal basis on which parties to international treaties can quickly conclude a mutually acceptable agreement in a balanced manner. The ICC model contract “Occasional Intermediary (Non-Circumvention and Confidentiality)” covers the most common types of international contracts involving an international intermediary. The ICC Model Contract 2018 joint venture will be used by small, medium or large companies to offer them a single, balanced platform that is fair to all parties.

For complex transactions, international and national cooperation between companies requires sound and balanced conditions. ICC has prepared this model joint venture contract for small, medium and large companies to provide them with a single and balanced platform, fair to all parties. For more than 20 years, the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice has established the world`s only annual record of judicial activity with respect to LCs and guarantees, as well as the important ones of the year. Treaties are the product of some of the best legal minds in the field of international trade law….

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