The judge could then appoint someone to help judge the child. “In all New York custody disputes, a psychiatrist or psychologist is appointed to conduct a forensic assessment of what is in the best interests of the child, to help the judge decide who would get primary custody and where they would live,” Mayerson says. The custody dispute began earlier this year, when the actress sued her ex and sought primary custody of her daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac, 3. Romain resisted their request and his lawyer revealed that he wanted to raise Rose in his native France. If Dauriac confirms custody, could he return to Paris with her? “Dad would have a hard time (doing that),” Berg says. Before, “the guardian parent could go wherever he wanted and the non-custodial parent had no say. Today, parents cannot move because it would deprive the other parent of regular access to the child, which will actually be dead for the child. “While this situation is unique in light of Scarlett Johansson`s work, it also highlights the complications that can arise in the event of a custody dispute. Ultimately, it is up to the parents or a judge to decide when the child will be with each parent. What is in the best interests of the children depends on the needs of the children and the specific circumstances of the parents. Some parents work long or odd hours and parents may need to be creative in the calendar that works best for kids.

Johansson said in an interview last year that it was difficult to be a co-parent, but that he was willing to do it for the sake of his daughter. Johansson said she didn`t want her daughter to know about it while she was an adult. Dauriac`s lawyers claimed it was Johansson`s fault that things had been open since she filed for divorce, since until then everything was under the floor and under discussion. But we take the side of the star, because we think she was afraid that she would lose the battle of the guard when Dauriac suddenly goes to judge the case in her court in her native France. According to Dauria`s lawyer, Hal Mayerson, his client was “shocked” by the divorce declaration and saw it as a “pre-emptive strike” in a possible custody dispute. The actress and her current ex-husband Romain Dauriac have concluded their divorce and settled their custody dispute, according to Page Six Another celebrity divorce, which concerns legal disputes — no, not bank accounts, homes or luxury toys — but custody of minor children.

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