We have developed a series of SLA templates that cover everything your group and service provider need to include in a written agreement. 19. Follow your organisation`s policies for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, inform Bristol SU Volunteering as soon as possible if a charge is laid against a Bristol SU volunteer placed with them. Bristol SU Volunteering also to inform if a Bristol SU volunteer is charged in order to allow the student association to support if necessary. 3. Let them know by email if we refer potential volunteers to you. 6. Find out how best to promote your volunteering activities at the University of Bristol and Bristol SU. 9. Do you have a designated person responsible for ongoing supervision and support of volunteers. 7. Take responsibility for all Bristol SU volunteers placed with you and ensure that you are able to cope with all liabilities through an appropriate insurance policy or other arrangements.

3. Send emails to Bristol SU volunteers and contact them to inform them of your organisation`s support and services and Bristol SU`s volunteering. 16. Keep personal information about Bristol SU volunteers confidential and follow data protection procedures. 17. Follow the organizations` guidelines to address any questions or concerns affecting a volunteer, but discuss the nature of the problem with Bristol SU Volunteering as soon as possible and determine what action to take. Take responsibility for determining the suitability of a Bristol SU volunteer for the role of volunteer and agree that Bristol SU Volunteering cannot guarantee a person`s personal or professional credibility. 8. Have a health and safety policy and properly assess all volunteer activities and premises. You must set up an SLA for each service that is provided to people with or affected by MS and that, on behalf of your group, is provided by a professional or professional provider. A `professional or business provider` is a natural body or carrying out activities as an undertaking or outside its main activity, but exercising a liberal profession in the field in which it has specialised. 1.


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